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Acquisition or Merger

Explore an Acquisition or Merger Strategy

What is the Next Step for Your Radiology Business?

I am seeking an exit strategy

I am seeking an exit strategy

because the time is now to monetize the energies and resources i’ve invested into my imaging centers.

I am seeking an exit strategy

Growth through consolidation

is essential for prosperity in today’s imaging market, and to compete i would need more operational efficiencies, capital access or both.

交通银行奥斯卡determining how best to compete in a constantly evolving marketplace often inspires radiology business owners to explore acquisitions or merger strategies. at alliance radiology, we believe the right partnership starts with clinical leadership and a strong commitment to patient care.

We Assess, Plan and Complete Partnerships Backed by Capital Strength

alliance radiology is your partner of choice. because of our size and industry position, we offer economies of scale to complete due diligence, provide a fair market valuation and deliver a successful transition plan for deals of any size.

交通银行奥斯卡our focus on strategic acquisitions and partnerships over the past 30 years is why we are a leader in radiology healthcare services.

交通银行奥斯卡alliance radiology’s expertise across functional areas ensures an agreement that allows a smooth transition for your team, customers and patients.

Providing Turnkey Integration for Partners

a solid integration plan is essential to maintaining excellence in patient care and quality, while making strides toward growth and profitability. our process engages physicians and team leaders from both organizations and embraces local market knowledge and planning in the areas of:

  • Reputation
  • Managed care providers
  • Competition
  • Referring providers
  • Value equation
  • Industry government trends
Providing Turnkey Integration for Partners