Imaging Services

The Choice for
Imaging Growth

choosing a mobile imaging services partner can be the first step toward growing your radiology business line.

  • Test market support for a new imaging modality
  • Reduce or eliminate imaging patient backlog
  • Fill an interim imaging need

through a partnership with alliance radiology, together we will assess and support your current need, while planning for future imaging access and patient care.

Imaging Services

Flexibility with Lower Costs

交通银行奥斯卡our advanced-technology systems and clinical staffing for pet/ct, mr and ct imaging services help hospitals and centers that:

  • Retain your patients sent to other medical imaging providers
  • Worry about the risks of technology obsolescence
  • Face competitors with better or newer equipment
  • Want to improve patient convenience and satisfaction
  • Hope to capture revenue from an onsite imaging service
  • Are navigating declining payer reimbursements

leverage the financial strength of alliance radiology to access new imaging systems quickly, with lower project costs. we assess your market to help determine your service and equipment needs. our flexible scheduling options allow you to expand your services with scalability and minimal capital outlay and risk.

Comprehensive Imaging Services

Mobile Medical Imaging Services

our position as the largest mobile imaging provider in the united states translates to services provided with efficiency, quality and competitive pricing.

交通银行奥斯卡when you partner with alliance radiology, you can rely on:

  • Staffing and operational support, including technologists who are registered by nationally recognized accrediting organizations
  • A wide variety of reliable imaging systems and models
  • Networking to your PACS system
  • All required insurance, RAM licensure, as well as national, local, and state accreditations

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Fixed Medical Imaging Services

交通银行奥斯卡as hospital-based advantages disappear and market trends increasingly favor outpatient imaging, the time to adapt through strong alliances is now.

our fixed site strategies with you will include:

  • Freeing hospital capacity
  • Maintaining continuity of care
  • Retaining patient volume
  • Responding to consumer and payor price sensitivity
  • Delivering convenience
  • Strengthening referrer loyalty

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Operations Management Services

交通银行奥斯卡our continuum of essential support for customers includes creating customized services such as:

  • Physician Sales & Marketing
  • Patient Scheduling & Prior Authorizations
  • Medical Billing & Reimbursement
  • Clinical Quality
  • Certified Clinical Staffing

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