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Mobile CT, PET/CT and MR Imaging Solutions

交通银行奥斯卡at alliance healthcare radiology, we have always believed in clinical quality and safety, customized and unparalleled support, and providing the best possible experience for patients and referring providers. it’s a large reason why 1,100 hospital and health system partners have trusted us to care for their communities in the past, and it’s still the same reason they do today.

交通银行奥斯卡yet, we don’t claim to be continuing operations as usual. since as long as we can remember, we have continuously evaluated and reevaluated how we do things to ensure we are sparing no precaution in keeping patients safe and confident throughout their diagnostic imaging journey. we viscerally believe there is no substitute for quality and safety when it comes to patient care, and take great pride in the operations we have reinforced to provide the highest levels of safety.

that’s why patients and providers trust us to continue their care. because we listen to their needs, and we answer with the same focus on quality, safety, support and communication that we always have. we get things done.

交通银行奥斯卡want to learn more? drop us a line below.

equipment is maintained under a service contract, enabling a minimum uptime of 97% on mobile systems.

Flexible Scheduling – Get Mobile Imaging Solutions on your Schedule

in addition, our flexible scheduling options allow you to expand your services with scalability and minimal capital outlay and risk.

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State of the Art, Diagnostic Mobile Imaging Equipment

Access Mobile MRI, PET/CT and CT Solutions at Lower Costs.

Leverage the financial strength of Alliance Radiology to access new imaging systems quickly, with lower project costs.

  • Great as an interim mobile imaging solution. Get quick access to new mobile imaging equipment as an alternative to purchasing new MRI & PET/CT units.
  • Comprehensive mobile imaging solution – We provide the imaging equipment, certified staff, operational and imaging support, insurance and accreditations.
  • Stop sending patients to other diagnostic imaging providers. Capture revenue from an on-site imaging service.
  • Schedule mobile imaging around your schedule. Just need PET/CT services on Tuesdays? Our PET/CT truck will be there. Need mobile MRI services five days a week? Our mobile imaging MRI truck will be there.
  • More convenient for patients; improves patient satisfaction.

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True Cost of Radiology Equipment Ownership

Learn how you can:

  1. Improve your customer service
  2. Drive financial results
  3. Enhance the patient experience

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Mobile Imaging Truck for PET/CT MRI and CT scans
Mobile Imaging Truck for PET/CT MRI and CT scans

one of our mobile imaging pet scan & pet ct scan trucks

Mobile Imaging Support Services

We provide the equipment, staff and expertise to facilitate your successful imaging service


  • Technologists who are registered by nationally recognized accrediting organizations

Equipment and Operational Support

  • Wide variety of reliable imaging systems and models
  • On-time delivery and pick-up of mobile unit
  • Site planning and checks for pad and power setups
  • Networking to your PACS system
  • Support & maintenance of MRI, PET/CT and CT units

Insurance / Accreditations

  • All required insurance, RAM licensure, as well as national, local, and state accreditations

Mobile Imaging Quality and Service

Exceptional Care / Highest Quality Medical Images

交通银行奥斯卡alliance radiology’s focus on clinical quality and patient satisfaction sets us apart. we give exceptional care to each patient every day, and safely deliver the highest quality medical images possible.

Meets or exceeds all applicable federal, state and industry standards:

  • The Joint Commission Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation
  • American College of Radiology Accreditation
  • CMS Value-Based Purchasing
  • Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems

Interim Medical Imaging Services

Short-Term Use of MRI, PET/CT & CT Units

交通银行奥斯卡for your short-term imaging needs, alliance radiology provides state-of-the-art mri, ct and pet/ct equipment, as well as certified clinical staffing. our interim radiology services allow you to:

Maintain Imaging Services

Maintain MRI, PET/CT and CT services during construction projects

maintain imaging services during equipment upgrades or construction projects

Test your Market

Before expanding your imaging business, test the market

test your market before you permanently expand your services or add new modalities

Avoid Backlogs

Avoid a medical imaging backlog during high volume periods.

avoid expensive downtime or patient backlog during high volume periods

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*If you are a patient seeking consultation for diagnostic imaging, we appreciate you reaching out to us. Our role at Alliance is to help hospitals and physicians across the country provide radiology and oncology services, as a partner in care. Your primary care or treating physician will be most familiar with your health and can best consult you. As such, please connect with your provider directly on any questions concerning your health, rather than submit this contact request form. From there, they will advise if diagnostic imaging may be helpful, and will refer you as needed.

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State-of-the-art mobile imaging

交通银行奥斯卡state-of-the-art mobile imaging

We come to your market

we come to your market

we have been happy with the quality of care and service provided by alliance and the communications they provide related to staffing and truck availability.

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Hospital in Northern California